Augusta, Maine — The Maine State Assembly disputes the legislative mask policy.
Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson said: “It will not cover your nose, and it will often cover your nose, not your mouth.
The COVID-19 policy of the legislature requires masks to cover the face and nose, unless the individual’s health does not permit the use of masks. In this case, the policy stipulates that legislators can participate in meetings remotely.
Jackson said that state House employees have resigned because some did not comply with the policy and said that half of the shield is unacceptable.
Jackson said: “This is because of the COVID policy, but also because of the policy that people who have to work here are trying to protect their safety as much as possible. I don’t understand why this has been a problem.”
But Libby and Timberlake said they have never encountered any problems with people wearing half shields.
Timberlake said: “I don’t know where the new changes are coming from. We have not been told or received any guidance.” “The one thing we always seem to be missing here now is-we seem to lack communication about how things are going.”
The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that it did not participate in legislative discussions. It does indicate that for source control, a mask is still preferable to a mask. The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that if you must wear a mask instead of a mask, choose a mask that wraps around the side of the face and extends below the chin, or choose a mask with a hood. The Maine CDC continued that it does not recommend the use of chin cover type products for COVID-19 sound source control.
Timberlake said that instead of solving the problem alone, it is better to consult the CDC to see if the protective cover meets the requirements. Jackson said that if members do not wear the correct masks, they will be escorted out of the building.
The Legislative Council plans to discuss this issue next week. Libby said she had ordered a full-length mask.

Post time: Jan-27-2021