The development of the epidemic faces the risk of “three intertwined and superimposed”


Since the beginning of winter, the development of the epidemic has faced the risk of “three intertwined and superimposed”, the prevention and control situation has become more severe and complicated, and the tasks are arduous and onerous.


The global epidemic presents risks of “gradual change” and “mutation”. The natural environment in winter has become a natural cold chain. The new Virus has a longer survival time, stronger virus activity, and greater potential transmission risk. In addition, the mutation of the virus has increased infectivity and concealment, resulting in a full outbreak of the third wave of epidemics worldwide. Since December 2020, there have been more than 600,000 new confirmed cases worldwide, and more than 10,000 new deaths, both of which are new highs since the outbreak.


The domestic epidemic presents a risk of intertwined and superimposed sporadic and locally clustered epidemics. Since December 2020, 20 provinces have reported new imported confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections. As of 24:00 on January 7, 2021, my country has newly confirmed 280 local cases, of which 159 were newly added in the last week. Cases, especially the recent outbreaks in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. The emergence of these situations reminds our province of the epidemic prevention and control work and cannot relax.


The epidemic prevention and control situation presents the risks of intertwining people, logistics and vehicles. Our province is a province with a large population of outflows. The number of migrant workers and college students ranks among the top five in the country, and most of them flow to the neighboring Changzhumin and other key epidemic prevention and control ports. The Spring Festival is approaching, and students will have holidays and migrants. With the return of business people, and the peak travel period of people coming from other places in Jiangxi, various risks and uncertain factors such as the flow of people, gatherings and journeys are intertwined and superimposed, which can easily lead to the spread of the virus and even a cluster of epidemics.


Complete vaccination of key populations before the Spring Festival


Winter and spring are a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. Our province strictly implements various measures of “external defense import, internal defense rebound”, and prudently, as it began, grasps normalization and precision epidemic prevention and control, and continues to consolidate the hard-won epidemic Prevention and control results.


Carefully deploy the prevention and control of the winter and spring epidemics. Since the beginning of winter, our province has held several special meetings to study and deploy the prevention and control of the winter and spring epidemics, coordinate and solve major issues, and promote the province’s command centers at all levels to quickly enter a wartime state. Since December 2020, our province has successively issued 30 plans involving winter and spring epidemic prevention and control, vaccination, nucleic acid testing and fever clinic construction, medical treatment resource reserves, emergency drills, and strengthening of epidemic prevention and control during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. The plan is to actively and steadily fight the prevention and control in winter and spring. During the New Year’s Day, our province sent 11 supervision teams to various parts of the province to conduct open and unannounced visits to resolutely eliminate various hidden dangers of epidemic prevention and control.


In strict accordance with the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism on the unified deployment of new Virus vaccination for key populations, our province has formulated work plans or plans for vaccination, abnormal reaction monitoring, medical treatment, and compensation for severe abnormal reactions, clarifying two categories Focus on the vaccinated population. The first category is people at high risk of new crown pneumonia infection, including people with higher occupational exposure risks, such as port front-line customs inspection and quarantine personnel involved in imported cold chain items, port loading and unloading, handling, transportation and other related personnel, international and domestic transportation practitioners Personnel, border port workers, medical and health personnel who face a higher risk of overseas epidemics; people at risk of infection abroad, such as those who go abroad for work or study for business or private purposes. The second category is personnel in key positions that guarantee the basic operation of society, including social order guarantee personnel, such as public security, firefighting, community workers, and related personnel in government agencies and institutions who directly provide services to the public; those who maintain the normal production and living operations of the society Personnel, such as water, electricity, heating, coal, gas related personnel, etc.; basic social operation service personnel, such as transportation, logistics, elderly care, sanitation, funeral, and communications related personnel. The province has a thorough investigation of the number of people who need to be vaccinated in this round of about 1.6 million people. This round of vaccination work in the province was officially launched on December 28, 2020. At present, a total of 381,400 people have been vaccinated. The vaccination of key populations will be completed before the Spring Festival.


6 provincial-level nucleic acid detection emergency mobile teams have been formed


Nowadays, there are 223 fever clinics that have passed the inspection in the province, and the construction completion rate is 99.5%. Among them, the acceptance rate of fever clinics in tertiary general hospitals and infectious disease hospitals is 100%. The province’s daily nucleic acid testing volume increased to 338,000, and 6 provincial-level nucleic acid testing emergency mobile teams and 1 quality control team were formed.


In addition, our province will make every effort to do a good job in sampling and testing the new Virus nucleic acid of imported cold chain foods, so that every batch and every piece must be inspected. Continue to implement the valuable and effective experience gained in the early stage, continue to improve the normalization mechanism, continue to strengthen the “personal environment” and prevention, continue to strengthen group prevention and group control, continue to consolidate the prevention and control foundation, and make every effort to prevent and control the winter and spring epidemic.

Post time: Jan-11-2021