Negative Pressure Transfer Vehicle new equipment patient monitor ambulance vehicle emergency rescue car

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This product uses negative pressure technology to make the air pressure in the car lower than the outside. The air in the car is discharged after being harmlessly treated when passing through the negative pressure disinfection equipment. It can minimize the overlap of medical staff when treating and transferring special diseases such as infectious diseases Chance of infection

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Colour White / Red
Model Beidi ND5040XJH-F5(High top)
Chassis JMC Transit V348 14 seats Diesel vehicle


Technical parameters of chassis vehicle






Total mass(kg):3700


Wheelbase (mm):3750


Front track (mm):1740


Rear track (mm):1704


Approach / departure angle:22/24


Transmission: manual six forward gear


Dimensions (mm L×W×H):5780×2000×2590


Steering: hydraulic pump power steering


Front suspension: independent suspension


Rear suspension: variable section leaf spring, hydraulic shock absorber


Brakes: Bosch 8.0 ABS, front and rear disc brakes




Engine: Diesel high pressure common rail injection turbocharged engine


Engine model:DURATORQ4D225H


Emissions: National V Emission Standards


Displacement (L):2.198


Maximum power kw (hp)/rpm:100(136)/3750


Torque / speed Nm/rpm:350/1500-2100


Top speed  (km/h):145


Vehicle standard configuration


Power window




Central door lock


Reversing automatic camera display


Cab installed with original air conditioner


Microcomputer central controller in cab


Intelligent power management system (manages vehicle power, automatic charging, and ensures that the engine battery has sufficient power to start the vehicle at any time) Battery for supporting equipment  12V 88A


10m meters Mobile cable, plug for connecting 220V / 15A external power socket (1 set)


220V/15A Waterproof, three-wire flat-pin socket for external power supply with protective cover (1 set)


1 set for each of the ambulance outside lights on the left and right sides of the roof


2 sets outdoor field lights for roof tail


Turn indicator light at the rear of the roof


Throttle pedal, right electric pedal


Cab-mounted alarm, warning light control buttons


Roof mounted siren: standard ambulance siren (1 set)


100W Built-in loudspeaker outside the car (1 set)


2 sets LED police blue flashing lights installed on the front


The front row of the roof is equipped with a long-line police blue double flashing light (1 set)


Two sets square LED police blue flashing lights are installed on the left and right sides and the rear of the roof


Vehicle negative pressure system


  1. A speed-adjustable negative pressure exhaust bacterial filter device is installed on the left side of the medical cabin. The function of the negative pressure system should enable the medical cabin to form an atmospheric low pressure difference relative to the external environment. The exhaust device and the connected high-efficiency filter sterilizer can prevent the polluted air in the medical cabin from leaking out to achieve ventilation and air pollution without polluting the environment.


  1. Relative pressure: When the negative pressure device is activated, the relative pressure in the cabin should meet the national ambulance industry standard of -10Pa ~ -30Pa; at the same time, the negative pressure in the cabin can be adjusted in three steps according to the actual work needs to ensure that the negative pressure in the cabin is stable. In -10Pa, -20Pa, -30Pa (with a national-level test agency calibration certificate, provide a copy of the certificate).


  1. Filter efficiency: The air filter’s filtration rate for aerosol particles with a particle size of 0.3 μm should be greater than 99.7%.


Medical cabin device (all materials do not contain wood)


Medical cabin and cab hands-free intercom system


5 sets of 220V car-specific sockets installed in the medical cabin


Three 12V car sockets installed in the medical cabin


12V energy-saving secondary adjustable LED lighting in the medical cabin (2 groups)


Rotatable spotlights (3 sets)


Disinfection cold cathode UV light (1 set)


Medical cabin independent original air conditioner


Medical cabin with enhanced heater


Ventilation system installed in medical cabin (1 set)


Openable glass windows on both sides of the cabin and doors of the medical cabin, with 1/2 opaque film on the windows.


The cabin is separated from the medical cabin by a partition wall, which separates the front and rear compartments. There is a sliding window on the partition wall, and the window is transparent


1 recliner for 3 patients can be installed on the right side of the medical cabin, 1 can be rotated and folded in the front, seat belt can be installed, and 1 shovel stretcher can be placed under the seat


★Medical interiors:It includes light insulation materials for walls, doors, and roofs on both sides of the medical cabin, high-molecular composite materials that are flame-retardant, UV-resistant, and impact-resistant, and a vacuum-blown interior to prevent deformation and mildew.The floor adopts imported blue-gray acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, fire-resistant, non-slip flooring, with raised edges around it to prevent dust accumulation and non-slip, which is convenient for washing.Flanging transition angles to avoid bumps and injuries. (Carpets, cloth surfaces and fiber materials are not allowed for all interiors of the medical cabin). They are not made of FRP.


The fire resistance of vehicle interiors should meet the requirements of GB8410-2006 “Combustion Characteristics of Automotive Interior Materials”


A combination of medical cabinets and equipment cabinets installed in the medical cabin (German car special drawer lock)


A nurse’s console is installed on the right side of the medical cabinet and the equipment cabinet in the medical cabin, and a folding seat is arranged for the medical staff, and two cabinets for the first-aid box are installed on the lower right side.


Left equipment cabinet (for installing ECG defibrillator, aspirator, ventilator)


A covered waste bin on the right side of the medical cabin


10 liter oxygen cylinders (2) and storage cabinet, equipped with manual oxygen switch, can be quickly changed according to the use of 2 oxygen cylinders


Central oxygen system and two safety handrails installed on the top of the medical cabin


Two sets of foldable infusion bottle suspension devices are installed on the top of the medical cabin


2kg fire extinguisher and support frame (2)


Red ribbons on the body waist and top


A set of domestic auto stretcher


Waterproof, anticorrosive and fireproof materials without wood components in any part of the entire medical cabin



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